software development lab

Internet Applications, Database Systems, Modern Business Solutions, iOS, Android, Data Processing, Private Cloud


No project is too small, no project is big enough. Do not wait for a perfect moment. Take a moment and make it perfect.


Turn your ideas into the robust trustworthy secure IT solution with the strong professional
IT partner.


Every process of your business can be modeled to the software. Let's model it together.


Architecture, database, process, model, code, execution, deployment, maintenance, hapinnes.

our expertise

  • Internet Databases
  • Web Applications
  • Web Presentations
  • Information Systems
  • Databases (SQL and non-SQL)
  • CMS – Content Management System
  • DMS – Document Management System
  • ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning
  • CRM – Customer Relationship Management
  • DWH – Data Ware House Implementation
  • Client/Server Architecture
  • Interactive Multimedia
  • iPad / iPhone Apps
  • Android Apps
  • Distributed Computing
  • Data Processing
  • Data Mining
  • Database Security
  • Software Audits
  • SW Project Analysis
  • SW Project Management
  • SW for Railway Diagnostics
  • SW for Aviation Industry
  • Big Data Processing


IT Quality and Efficiency

FoxCom is a leading edge software architecture and development studio focused entirely on analysis, architecture, implementation, integration, deployment and maintenance of database driven software.

With experience, our dynamic, high-skilled team work with large clients as well as with mid-sized private equity-owned businesses across Europe to deliver lasting results through smart software solutions.

We love IT, we live IT, we feel IT, we think IT, we deliver the best possible IT solution to you.

It's a communication based on the functions ON & OFF.
Claude Elwood Shannon